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Looking back & glimpsing forward

December 31, 2014

Yeah! New book!

Oh my, the year is almost over! In my last blog post I said that I would be back after summer. Well, better said: after autumn. I need two more lives to turn all creative ideas I have into reality, although I do live my dreams!

The company Lightstyle Creations that I run with my close friend Fidessa is developing and we have such great plans for 2015 (think: Lightstyle workshops & masterclasses, another book, and a new website, work in progress!). We’ve just launched our 3rd book title, the second release of this year! It’s called Ik Heb Me Lief En Alles Om Me Heen (Loving Me And Everything Around Me). Dutch and curious? Check HERE! (yes, we want our publications to be published abroad in other languages, we keep the faith that it will happen one day).

IHMLEAOMH ansichtkaart_vk

Happiness, the lightstyle mascotte

Besides living a lightstyle and inspiring others to do the same, I started giving classes at Amsterdam-based Fashion and Styling Academy Artemis this year, which was really exciting and gave me the opportunity to transform my writing and work experience into personal guidance of creative students during their examination year. Next to that I did some great writing jobs for magazines like Inspiration of de Bijenkorf, Gentlemen’s Watch and Pour Vous magazine.

And, fresh news on the ‘private’ level: my man and I have finally found a new place to live with our dear son, just around the corner of Amsterdam. An important step into a new direction of personal growth and space. We can’t wait starting to modernize and redecorate it and then.. MOVE!

But, the very, very greatest thing that happened last year is that my sister Manon and brother in law Michel became the happy parents of their beautiful son Micah. Together they live in Kenya right now. 2014 is the year that I became the proud auntie of Micah, the cute and sweet Kenyan boy that already had a special place in my heart even before I saw his picture for the first time. 2015 will be the year that I finally will meet Micah ‘in real’ and that I will be reunited with my beloved family. That outlook makes 2015 already unforgettable.
I wish you a marvelous new year!

Manon, Micah, Michel and corgi Vos – © The Life Traveller

Follow Manon at her stunning website and diary The Life Traveller!

I’ll be back

July 24, 2014
Illustration: Minimel via Petite Louise

Illustration: Minimel via Petite Louise

Great things are going on here and that’s why Kiki’s Collage has been a bit quiet since some months. You see, next to my freelance writing business I also run a company called Lighstyle Creations together with my dear friend Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen.

We launched our latest book Zoete Zin (full of recipes without refined sugar) in April, and guess what? Zoete Zin got its third print edition within 3 months! Now I’m working, again together with Fidessa, on a new book that will appear in November 2014. But, I promise you… I will be back after summer here at Kiki’s Collage (sometimes).

In the meantime you can follow me every now and then at instagram/lightstylecreations or at
Lichter leven.




March 18, 2014

Sorry guys, this one is in Dutch only! But when you click on the link at the end of this post, you can enjoy the new series of videos by ‘New York Style Stories’ documentary maker Maaike Holvast.

Boudewijn (left) en Christiaan Grammer (foto: Yvonne Brandwijk)

Boudewijn (links) en Christiaan Grammer (fotografie: Yvonne Brandwijk)

Onlangs verscheen in het Modenummer van Volkskrant Magazine een bijzondere fotografieserie: Stijltweelingen. Een productie van documentairemaker, onderzoeker en voormalig stylist Maaike Holvast en fotograaf Yvonne Brandwijk. Samen legden ze verschillende duo’s in woord en beeld vast die qua stijl in meer of mindere mate op elkaar lijken. ‘Signficante anderen’ heet dat in de sociologie: ofwel de personen aan wie we ons spiegelen in het uiten van onze (visuele) identiteit.

Jammer genoeg werd een duo vanwege beperkte ruimte niet in het blad gezet: de broers Christiaan en Boudewijn Grammer. Daarom komen ze exclusief op Kiki’s Collage toch nog aan het woord: Christiaan (26, filmmaker en gitarist van ‘Lenny Ryan and the Leather Jackets’) en Boudewijn (23, master student Corporate Communication aan de UvA).

Christiaan: We worden altijd gezien als ‘De Grammers’. Ik vind het altijd wel mooi als mensen dat zeggen. Dat ze je echt als een soort van collectief zien.

Boudewijn: We vinden het ook leuk om een beetje op elkaar te lijken. Want ik zie dingen in hem die ik zou willen zijn en hij ook in mij.  Ik heb bijvoorbeeld wel altijd creatieve ideeën of zo, maar Chris kan dat beter uiten dan ik. Met zijn gitaar of met een camera. Daar kijk ik wel tegen op.

Christiaan: Ik ben natuurlijk ook gewoon ‘de oudere broer’. En ik heb voor mijn gevoel als oudste best wel veel geëxperimenteerd qua stijl. Hij kon daar de vruchten van plukken en gewoon naar mij kijken van: “Dit is niet vet, en dit is wél vet.”

Boudewijn: Vroeger keek ik zeker naar Chris, maar nu gaat het toch meer samen. Zoals die hoed, volgens mij was ik daar mee begonnen? Christiaan:  Ja, hij ontwikkeld (zich) natuurlijk ook.  En ik kijk ook naar hem en dan denk ik: “Shit waar heb je dat shirt vandaan?” We vullen elkaar gewoon heel goed aan. Read more…

Metamorphosis, an Hermès story

March 11, 2014

More and more designer labels are using video to present their new collections in a lively, creative way.
What about this one by Hermès?

Clever cycle

March 3, 2014

Amsterdam is the capital of bicycles. I can’t imagine a life here without having my bike, however I often feel sorry for the poor tourists who walk in slow motion to the opposite of the road, but then got scared to death by a loud ringing mad man (or woman) on a bike. Welcome to Amsterdam!

Bikes pop up in many sizes and types at the streets of Amsterdam. We transport everything we want on our cycles: from dogs to girlfriends to kids. Besides that, Amsterdam people are multitasking cyclists. They press their feet on the pedals, listen to music on ridiculous big headphones and… they are Facebooking or Whapping at the same moment (of course they also use their telephones to call on their bikes, easily!). Yes, cycling in Amsterdam is quite phenomenal.

Minute bike woman
New is this cute city bike, the Minute (pronounced the French way). This mini commuter – a small bike for great minds, as the press release calls it – has remarkable small wheels. It is inspired by the Mini Velo, immensely popular in Asia.

Minute is the brainchild of Elian Veltman, a young, talented yet very experienced engineer, especially known for his handmade custom bikes and acclaimed Cargo bike. The small wheels of Minute are a deliberate choice. Small wheels are stronger, lighter and more agile. And when it comes to speed, small wheels are not inferior to big wheels. Quite the contrary, many bicycle speed records have been achieved on small wheels.
Oh my! Those poor tourists!

Minute comes in a men’s and women’s edition and will be sold in the course of 2014. The first hundred bicycles are offered in pre-sale as a limited edition, uniquely numbered and finished with stainless steel fenders and a Brooks saddle via At the website you can choose a number and reserve your Minute by making a down payment of 100 euros.
Read more…

Fantastic animals #5

February 28, 2014

© Dan Burn – Forti

Picture 9

© Dan Burn – Forti

Picture 11

© Dan Burn – Forti

Picture 10

© Dan Burn – Forti

No words needed for this fantastic animal photography by Dan Burn - Forti. 
See more of his work by clicking on the photos.

PS: I’ve been pretty silent on the blog lately. The reason: a new book! A book about choosing happy, healthy alternatives for refined sugar, it contains more than 50 ‘sugarless’ recipes, and much more. Written together with Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen (we are running our company Lightstyle Creations together). ‘Zoete Zin’ (simply translated: ‘Craving for Sweetness) will be released in April 2014. It’s in Dutch only, sorry international folks. Please, be patient, one day you’ll find the translation at Amazon, I’m convinced (thinking positive is my motto). Dutchies, you can already order the book HERE.


Fashion photography flashback

January 21, 2014
Gian Paolo Barbieri - Lilly Bistrattin per Pomellato, Vogue Italia 1971 - Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Gian Paolo Barbieri – Lilly Bistrattin per Pomellato, Vogue Italia 1971 – Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Arte e Eleganza is the name of the current exhibition of fashion photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri at Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam. Opened at the eve of now running Amsterdam Fashion Week, it shows a selection of fashion photography classics by the Italian photographer. With portraits of icons like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci.

Gian Paolo Barbieri has a sublime aesthetic taste and is a master of black and white photography. In 1965 he joined Italian Vogue and produced the cover of its first issue. His work for the Italian, French and American editions of Vogue led on to publicity work with big name fashion designers Valentino, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Ferré, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

Gian Paolo Barbieri - Ivana Bastianello per Valentino - 1969- Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Gian Paolo Barbieri – Ivana Bastianello per Valentino – 1969- Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Barbieri is considered one of the best international fashion photographers in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Working in close collaboration with fashion designer Valentino he was responsible for innovations in modern fashion advertising campaigns.

Gian Paolo Barbieri - Audrey Hepburn - 1969 - Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Gian Paolo Barbieri – Audrey Hepburn – 1969 – Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Gian Paolo Barbieri - Lilly Bistrattin, Sperimentazioni 1975 - Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Gian Paolo Barbieri – Lilly Bistrattin, Sperimentazioni 1975 – Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

An exhibition of Barbieri’s work was curated by the English fashion photographer David Bailey, shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Kunstforum in Vienna. His work is also exhibited in galleries and at arts festivals. Now it’s the time for Amsterdam!
You can see Barbieri’s fashion photography until March 8, 2014.

Eduard Planting Gallery | Fine Art Photographs
Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2 in Amsterdam


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