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Rust is de nieuwe luxe

December 9, 2020

IMG_4991Rust is dus de nieuwe luxe. Doe daarom keihard aan zelfzorg. Mediteer wanneer je maar kunt en ook met je ogen open! Hoe? Dat lees je in Mediteren met je ogen open (MMJOO). Daarin nodigen Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen en ik je uit om vandaag nog met meditatie te beginnen en (dit keer) wél door te gaan. Op een dag is meditatie net zo vanzelfsprekend als tandenpoetsen… Het boek gaat bovendien nog een hinkstapsprong verder: het laat zien hoe je zo optimaal mogelijk in netelige situaties aanwezig kunt zijn.
Een verademing voor iedereen die naar meer innerlijke rust snakt!

MMJOO omschrijft daarnaast talloze uitdagingen die we allemaal wel eens op ons pad krijgen en geeft waardevolle zienswijzen om dit ‘leed’ te transformeren. Een tijdloos mooi boekje, ook dit keer weer geïllustreerd door Fidessa.


May 8, 2018

Ben je zwanger en van plan je kindje borstvoeding te geven? Of zoek je een origineel kraamcadeau?

In plaats van de voedingen bij te houden in een onpersoonlijke app is er het Borstvoedingsboekje, om voor altijd te bewaren en te koesteren als herinnering aan een bijzondere periode.

Het Borstvoedingsboekje van Kirstin Hanssen en Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen bevat een handig invulschema om voedingen (tijdstip, linker- of rechterborst) en eventueel luiers, kolfsessies etc. bij te houden. Zo kun je voeden op verzoek en tevens meer inzicht krijgen in het drinkpatroon van je baby. Ook kun per dag de ‘memoires’ van je baby noteren. Zo leuk om later terug te lezen!
borstvoedingsboekje 02Het Borstvoedingsboekje (€ 12,99) bevat naast het voedingsdagboek voor de eerste 100 dagen na de bevalling een schat aan holistische inspiratie rondom allerlei onderwerpen die met borstvoeding te maken hebben. Deze informatie is opgesteld in samenwerking met een lactatiekundige. Daarnaast tref je in het Borstvoedingsboekje talloze tips als een plukje ‘heilwolle’ voor gevoelige tepels tot recepten voor uitgebluste mama’s en ook eenvoudige oefeningen om iedere voeding zo mindful mogelijk te benutten, zodat moeders zelf ook tot rust komen.

HIER kun je het Borstvoedingsboekje bestellen of check
Volg Borstvoedingsboekje ook op Instagram.

Uitgever: Lightstyle Creations
Illustraties: Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen en Maureen van der Hout (coverontwerp)
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Current status: happy

May 2, 2016


Well, it has been a loooong time. This blog/portfolio is still online, but a bit out of date. In the meantime I gave birth to my second son (he is so sweet and gorgeous and 7,5 months now), but next to being pregnant and mothering, I also did some great other things!
Together with my dear partner in light, Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen (right on the photo), I wrote 4 books in less than 3 years! Our most recent title is called Slaapyoga and based on the traditional Yoga Nidra relaxation method. We made an easier 10 minute version of it, approachable for everybody.

Fidessa and I also give workshops in line with the subjects of the books. The red thread of our work, and the goal of our company Lightstyle Creations, is: inspiring and motivating people to get more life out of their life. How? By choosing a conscious way of living that is all about inner-care. An important tool to take care of your deeper you is meditation. Your ego shrinks, your mind becomes calmer, your head feels fresh. The result: less stress, more body-conscious, better sleep, more moments of bliss, better focus, more creativity, and so on. Taking care of your inner-world makes you automatically more aware of your surroundings. When you are calm from the inside, your approach of the outside world and your actions become more and more conscious, or call it mindful. You connect easily with everything that has a positive effect on your state of being and become more sensitive for vibes, situations or persons that don’t (longer) fit in your way of living and loving. Want to learn more about Lightstyle Creations? Check the website, agenda and shop! Unfortunately the books are not yet available in English. Not yet…

Next to Lightstyle Creations I am still doing some editorial work for magazines like Gentlemen’s Watch and teaching at Artemis Styling Academy.

This blog/website will only be updated once or twice a year. So better follow Fidessa and me at Instagram!

Happiness is always around you.
Recognize it, hug it!

Light and love,


Vintage darlings

March 20, 2015

Do you know the online store Petrol & Porcelain of Dutch stylists Danielle and Anita?
It’s an inspirational place for lovers of unique one of a kind vintage pieces. The great thing is that they not only sell single items, but also complete sets! Here’s a selection of my favorites…
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Looking back & glimpsing forward

December 31, 2014

Yeah! New book!

Oh my, the year is almost over! In my last blog post I said that I would be back after summer. Well, better said: after autumn. I need two more lives to turn all creative ideas I have into reality, although I do live my dreams!

The company Lightstyle Creations that I run with my close friend Fidessa is developing and we have such great plans for 2015 (think: Lightstyle workshops & masterclasses, another book, and a new website, work in progress!). We’ve just launched our 3rd book title, the second release of this year! It’s called Ik Heb Me Lief En Alles Om Me Heen (Loving Me And Everything Around Me). Dutch and curious? Check HERE! (yes, we want our publications to be published abroad in other languages, we keep the faith that it will happen one day).

IHMLEAOMH ansichtkaart_vk

Happiness, the lightstyle mascotte

Besides living a lightstyle and inspiring others to do the same, I started giving classes at Amsterdam-based Fashion and Styling Academy Artemis this year, which was really exciting and gave me the opportunity to transform my writing and work experience into personal guidance of creative students during their examination year. Next to that I did some great writing jobs for magazines like Inspiration of de Bijenkorf, Gentlemen’s Watch and Pour Vous magazine.

And, fresh news on the ‘private’ level: my man and I have finally found a new place to live with our dear son, just around the corner of Amsterdam. An important step into a new direction of personal growth and space. We can’t wait starting to modernize and redecorate it and then.. MOVE!

But, the very, very greatest thing that happened last year is that my sister Manon and brother in law Michel became the happy parents of their beautiful son Micah. Together they live in Kenya right now. 2014 is the year that I became the proud auntie of Micah, the cute and sweet Kenyan boy that already had a special place in my heart even before I saw his picture for the first time. 2015 will be the year that I finally will meet Micah ‘in real’ and that I will be reunited with my beloved family. That outlook makes 2015 already unforgettable.
I wish you a marvelous new year!

Manon, Micah, Michel and corgi Vos – © The Life Traveller

Follow Manon at her stunning website and diary The Life Traveller!

I’ll be back

July 24, 2014
Illustration: Minimel via Petite Louise

Illustration: Minimel via Petite Louise

Great things are going on here and that’s why Kiki’s Collage has been a bit quiet since some months. You see, next to my freelance writing business I also run a company called Lighstyle Creations together with my dear friend Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen.

We launched our latest book Zoete Zin (full of recipes without refined sugar) in April, and guess what? Zoete Zin got its third print edition within 3 months! Now I’m working, again together with Fidessa, on a new book that will appear in November 2014. But, I promise you… I will be back after summer here at Kiki’s Collage (sometimes).

In the meantime you can follow me every now and then at instagram/lightstylecreations or at
Lichter leven.