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Seen on the screen: Extreme Males

December 9, 2008

VMAN launches its first online edition for Winter 2008. I’m still using my old(skool?) iBook, but even on the petit screen most of the pages look glossy. Thank you, Mr. Testino! Online magazines are still not my cup of tea, because taking my computer to bed doesn’t read that comfortable as a paper edition would do. Nevertheless reading starts with looking first and for me that means: quickly checking the pages from the back to the front. I have to admit that VMAN Digital works great for that as well, and it made me even want to read some articles right away. 

Talking Testino… On 50 pages he gives us his photographic view on what he calls ‘Extreme Males’. As the introduction tells: “In a world where anything goes, there are as many versions of masculinity as there are men. Mario Testino visits the furthest edges of modern manhood.” Followed by Testino’s own words telling us about how difficult it was to show his identity by his looks when growing up in Peru in the 60’s and 70’s, but also about how last decades did change the ideas about masculinaty. I wonder why Testino did choose the term ‘extreme’ as he says: “Today I celebrate those people who don’t have to fight as much as I did, and honor the idea that we all can search for happiness in our own way.” 

Only one of Testino’s ‘archetypes’, a man born girl, got the change to answer some questions. I wished that Testino portraited more people from the real life and that he also would have interviewed them, because apart from the transgender, a drag queen and Hollywood ‘plastic fantastic’ hairstylist Steve Erhard (quite extreme, yeah), Mario Testino chose for professional models in this series. Well, here’s the journalist talking. The person who always wants to know what’s behind the cover. That’s probably also the reason why I’m still awake at 1.30 am, only because I found a digital magazine in my inbox!    


Extreme Sex Change

by Mario Testino, VMAN Digital Winter 2008

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