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A floating highway

May 29, 2009

Something that I should have posted much earlier, but I have been too busy doing so.
This is a call to anyone who likes experimental art projects and who has a camera to document it…

A Floating Highway is an art project by Chinese artist Xue Mu. The project takes place on Saturday 30th of May 2009, and will start from the Dutch highway A1/ Muiderberg at 4.30 pm, ending at 5.15 pm at A1/ Oldenzaal. At the event, a piece of cloud (made by 4 to 5 aircrafts) appears and floats parallel above the entire A1 road and it dissolves in a small amount of time (approx. 1 minute).

Xue Mu explains: “The idea behind A Floating Highway is to transplant an imaginary perspective into people’s daily or ordinary highway experience. By creating a phenomena in an open space that will temporarily appear and disappear I want to enable an extraordinary and subtle experience that is strongly related to the road. The experience will leave a trace in people’s memory as an illusionary reflection of the road, however, which has been truly happening. People from different perspectives: on the road, or in the land – are going to catch various sights from this happening.”


During the 40-45 minutes of A Floating Highway, 500-800 of individuals will be standing at or along the A1 route to film the cloud with their personal equipments (photo camera, video camera, film camera, mobile video camera etc.) when A Floating Highway appears in the area where they stay. This activity will be gradually done by 500-800 individuals in sequence, it becomes parallel motion that coherent the movement of the cloud. At the same time, the scenario (panorama) of this action ‘mirrors’ the phenomena A Floating Highway right next to the A1 road. The complete collection of their personal footage will contain a vase and varying individual interpretations of the same moment of happening. Xue Mu continues: “We are going to gather all film materials that contributed by public film-makers, with their personal data and the location of filming. The collection of individual visual documentations, will be edited together with panorama film material into a documentation film.” 

I ask Xue Mu where people can go to film the dissolving art work. She tells: “We did some research and there are 31 existing exits on the whole A1, together with more than 15 parking places and gas stations. You can get off the road at all these places, park your car and find the most ideal spot for your film! A Floating Highway is going to happen above the A1 road, which means you do not need to be on the A1 road, but you can stay nearby tracks or bridges. We’ve put the route online. You could check it on our blog. When you want to participate the project, but don’t have a car, you can board one of the 2 buses that will departure from Amsterdam at 2:00 pm from Gerrit Rietveld Academie to the A1. Don’t forget to make a reservation by sending an e-mail to afloatinghighwaya1[et]” 

A Floating Highway is part of the IAMA1 2009 project

Happy filming!

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  1. June 1, 2009 7:13 am

    Dit had ik op het nieuws gezien!! Jij krijg ook echt altijd supercoole geheime aankondigingen binnen. Goeie netwerk. 😛

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