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Today is the day: book launch Fashion Blogs

June 24, 2010

It’s not hot news anymore that I’ve made a book, together with graphic designer Felicia Nitzsche and co-writer Elina Tozzi about fashion blogs (also the book title). Some moons ago I already posted about it after interviewing star bloggers like Susie Bubble and The Cobra Snake, but it took more than a year and a countless hours of unpaid work to finish the book. But we did it! Today is the day that the book will officially be launched at SPRMRKT, designer fashion heaven in Amsterdam.

More about the book: fashion blogs are crucial sources of news and inspiration for everyone who wants to stay up-to-date on fashion. Therefore, they compete with traditional media, both visually and in terms of content. The phenomenon of fashion blogging raises many questions: Who are the people behind these blogs? What drives fashion bloggers to spend such a great amount of time on running a web log? Who or what are their news resources? Can we speak of them as professional amateurs? Do they earn a living with blogging? In what sense has blogging changed their lives? How do they deal with negative comments? How do they view the future of printed media?

The answers to these questions are captured in the book Fashion Blogs: a piece of zeitgeist that features interviews with 34 outstanding fashion bloggers, such as Susie Bubble, Garance Doré, Diane Pernet, Les Mads, Sea of Shoes, The Cobra Snake, katelovesme, Style Salvage, glamcanyon, July Stars and many more.

The main content of the book is divided into five categories: fashion journalism, street style photography, party photography, personal style blogs, and men’s style. Interviews with bloggers from around the globe are accompanied by attractive visual blog material. An additional URL-index contains over six hundred of the most original and fascinating fashion blogs.

Some people asked me why some other big names are missing in the book. First of all it’s quite a challenge to get in touch with some fashion bloggers (who often receive more than 500 emails per day), but in this case we did actually succeed to contact them. No, the reason why they aren’t in the book is that one of them asked money to use his photos (and we didn’t have any budget for that), another guy got his own book published, and that cute young girl became extraordinary popular in the months that we were shaping the project, and as she was overloaded with interview requests it was impossible for us to get in touch with her again. We didn’t regret long as we were very pleased with the bloggers who said yes to our request!

Oh, and before I forget: the book also contains chapter introductions written by industry insiders such as Aynouk Tan and Mrs. Mo Veld, and stunning still life photos by Dutch photographer Krista van der Niet.

For more information about ordering the book you can check out the book’s blog or visit the website of publisher d’jonge Hond. Or just ask me!

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  1. perrystreet permalink
    July 13, 2010 4:58 pm

    I’d like to read it!



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