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Casual Freitag goes chic

July 30, 2010


There was a time that I wasn’t charmed at all of the bags made of vintage tarpaulins the Swiss brand FREITAG is highly acclaimed for. I didn’t like the material (and penetrating smell of fresh made FREITAGS) and also not the models. A FREITAG for a boy was okay… but for a girl? Nah!
But time, supported by the FREITAG PR force in Amsterdam, changed my opinion slightly. Since receiving a FREITAG MIAMI VICE as a gift some years ago, I shake hands daily with the eco-friendly shopper as it’s an ideal and durable bag to carry heavy stuff or to use it for larger objects like a yoga mat. But still I wouldn’t use a FREITAG as a handbag. Well… today, might be the day, because FREITAG recently launched their new, premium REFERENCE collection and I adore it!


The press release tells: the new FREITAG REFERENCE line is on one hand inspired by horse messengers of the 1800s, on the other hand initiated and endorsed by contemporary journalists. That doesn’t surprise me as “when will you introduce a less casual line?” was also one of my questions when I met the charming FREITAG bros. at the opening of their shop-in-shop in 290 SQUARE METRES last year.

With the new REFERENCE line FREITAG proves that the use of leather is totally not necessary for great looking and multifunctional bags. As the official information continues, FREITAG REFERENCE bags are still used, still R.I.P. (=recycle individual products), and they are still made from truck tarps that have spent their first life on the road. The collection holds various models with metal buckles for both women and men, from a classy female shoulder bag to a laptop carrier that easily transports 15” or 17” MacBooks.


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  1. Elina permalink
    August 2, 2010 2:45 pm

    ach, mijn Freitag-allergie klaart opeens op!

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