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The boost from Bali that kick-starts my day

September 14, 2010

At Bali I had lunch and dinner at Zula, Vegetarian Paradise, and her sister Earth Cafe in Seminyak. Both hangouts offer a large menu with vegetarian and vegan dishes (very hard to make a choice from) and many yummy deserts (like the Hot Killer Chocolate Brownie).

Zula and Earth Cafe also both run a petit shop with original gifts and health stuff, like the Bali Boost breakfast blend I wake up with every morning since my return. Bali Boost contains a mix of nutrients, vitamins, mood elevators and brain stimulator with these superfood ingredients: Maca, Raw Chocolate, Bee Pollen, Guarana, and Flaxseeds. For a sweet shake I put 1 tbsp. Bali Boost in the blender with 1 small, organic banana and 1 cup of rice milk (or almond rice milk). For me this is a great alternative to coffee, as coffee often makes me feel hyper-hyper.

When making your own Bali Boost Shake, I would recommend to take just a very small amount of Guarana (max. 1 gram per day) as it contains a high level of caffeine. When you are visiting Bali, just bring a visit to Zula or Earth Cafe and try it yourself!

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  1. September 14, 2010 1:04 pm

    That’s great that you went to Bali…I’d love to visit there! And I hope that more vegetarian restaurants take on here in the states near where I live.

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