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The Beautiful: fashion illustration bible

September 24, 2010

The American Book Center in Amsterdam launches the new illustration bible The Beautiful on Saturday, 25th of September. I’ve put this great looking book at the table in my living room, and turned open – with changing the pages day by day – it’s a welcome interior piece!

The Beautiful contains work of 100 of today’s most-known or very talented fashion & lifestyle illustrators and is edited by Dutch art-director Anneke Krull. Finding new illustration talent is a devoted passion for Anneke and she is constantly culling the globe for new illustrators to work with and also runs her own blog I Love Illustration. Anneke tells: “First there was my blog and after 2 months I got like 35,000 hits and I started thinking about a book. Berlin-based publisher Gestalten was interested and within 1 month the selection of the book was a fact!”

Anneke Krull’s selection was driven by her personal taste. She prefers genuine craft, in other words: handmade illustrations made with pencil, paint or – for example – in collage style. “The illustrations have to be raw and fragile at the same time.” That means that you don’t find sleek computer design in The Beautiful.

The Beautiful contains the work of artists like Autumn Whitehurst, Cecilia Carlstedt, Daniel Egneus, Ed Tsuwaki, Gabriel Moreno, James Dignan, Jenny Mörtsell, Jules Julien, Julie Verhoeven, Kareem Iliya, Lina Bodén, Linn Olofsdotter, Liselotte Watkins, Makiko Sugawa, Margot Macé, My Dead Pony, Piet Paris, Ricardo Fumanal, Sara Singh, Stina Persson, Tina Berning, Will Broome and I shouldn’t forget to mention Jeanne Detallante, one of my favorite fashion illustrators, and Dutch Merel Boers a.k.a. Miss Blackbirdy who is specialized in ‘story-sewing’ and uses black thread to illustrate.

The Beautiful, Natalie Brockett (p. 186-187)

Anneke Krull’s book The Beautiful is a must-have for everyone with a zest for illustrations. The stunning, often colorful visuals in the book are accompanied by short biographies of the artists. What I regret is that the book designer (an art-director of publisher Gestalten, not Anneke Krull) has chosen a very hard to read font for the names of the fashion illustrators. Normally I like a creative twist, but when a book doesn’t contain an index with artist names and page numbers, it’s really hard to look up a specific artist! Nonetheless The Beautiful is beautiful.

The Beautiful, Liselotte Watkins (p. 194-195)

So what can we expect from Anneke Krull in future? Is she already dreaming of creating a Volume 2 of the book? “At my blog I selected already 180 wonderful artists and every day I see more talent. I like to find new young talent everywhere on the web and write about them on my blog. A second book is absolutely possible! Furthermore I would love to be the curator of a great exposition with this selection of artists in NY, Paris, Tokyo… but let’s start in Amsterdam!”

Book information
The Beautiful
: Illustrations for Fashion and Style
Edited by Anneke Krull

Language: English
Price: € 39,90 / $ 60,00 / £ 37,50
Format: 23 × 29 cm
Features: 224 pages, full color, flexicover
Publisher: Gestalten
ISBN: 978-3-89955-321-5

European Release: September 2010
International Release: October 2010

Book launch
Saturday, September 25th, 3 – 6pm @ The American Book Center, Spui 12, Amsterdam

The Beautiful, James Dignan (p. 212-213)

The Beautiful, Kate Wilson (p. 230-231)

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