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A forest full of horses

September 28, 2010

I discovered Bonbi Forest – the indie paradise of artist Lee May Foster – via Myspace some years ago, when I was still very active at that place.
Lee May Foster did a very great artwork for Bat for Lashes, and is even now one of the Myspace top friends of the singer.

What I like are the elements of nature that return in every Bonbi Forest design, like drawings of horses or the use of gemstones in jewelry.
Lee May Foster explains on her website: “I live by the sea in a rural part of deepest darkest Cornwall in the far South West of England and in my work I like to explore patterns, rhythms and stories, and the connection of people to nature. The wild world shapes us and we shape it.”

Finally I’ve ordered online some handmade stuff by Lee May Foster for me, myself, & I. It arrived the other week: a small package full of treasures. Look what I got!

And all goodies where so lovely wrapped!

Now I’m saving money for one of Bonbi Forest’s original paintings on wood…

Herd ©2010 Lee May Foster-Wilson

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  1. Elina permalink
    September 28, 2010 1:51 pm

    great stuff!!


  1. Pretty design: Bonbi Forest locket pendants « Kiki's Collage

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