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Seeing stars: Rika & uslu airlines

November 25, 2010

The Berlin-based make-up label uslu airlines is mostly known by its innovative airbrushed make-up and outlandishly colored nail polishes. Tonight the supersonic brand will launch nail polish RIK, the first of a selected few in a newly created fashion designer series. RIK is RIKA, the label of Swedish designer Ulrika Lundgren from Amsterdam, and the creator of the (too) much-copied Star Bag. As stars are the signature of her label, it’s no surprise that Lundgren has chosen for little stars in the black polish.

RIK nailpolish (€ 21,-) will be available at most RIKA and uslu airline shops in December, together with a limited edition scarf that Ulrika Lundgren has exclusively designed for uslu airlines (€ 119,-). Can’t wait? The polish is available already NOW at the uslu airlines webshop, at Cabinet (Berlin), and at Colette (Paris).

Launch uslu airlines RIK ‘Rika’ nailpolish
When? Thursday, November 25th from 6 – 9pm
Where? Cabinet Department Store, Friedrichstr. 71 (Basement) 10117 Berlin

Oh, I wish I could be in Berlin tonight!

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