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Words on VINTAGE: meet Doortje Vintage

December 20, 2010

I’m somewhat obsessed with online vintage shops and though I hardly buy anything (the items I like are mostly sold out already), I can’t stop watching outfits that bring me back down memory lane and beyond. So let me introduce to you: Elisa Jansen, owner of (online) shop Doortje Vintage and blogger.

“I started Doortje Vintage together with my two sisters Angela and Diana in 2006 as a hobby that became serious busines. I studied Fashion Management at AMFI at that time and after graduation in 2008 I moved from Amsterdam to Eindhoven, to open our offline shop.”

How does Doortje differ from other vintage shops?
We have a strong taste, what means that our style preference is clearly visible in the collections. Besides that we sort all new stuff by hand. Most vintage shops are cozy boutiques, but we try to gain a notable contrast in our presentation and that’s why we combine vintage with sleek design. Furthermore, the combination of offline and online is a good service to our customers. Online finds can be fit in our shop, whenever desired.

So tell me, where do you find all the great vintage goods you sell at Doortje?
I’m sorry, but that’s a secret I really can’t share with you. Let’s say that we travel quite far to get them.

How is the quality of vintage clothing anno 2010?
The quality of vintage clothing is of course excellent; otherwise the pieces wouldn’t have survived all those years of being around. We have a strict selection on the condition of clothing. We want to offer something different, especially in comparison with the mass-produced fashion you find at big retail chains these days.

What are the most popular styles now and what do you fancy most?
High-waisted pants and shorts are a hit and I believe that will remain in 2011. My favorite picks? That’s a difficult question… At the moment I adore this vintage school bag and also our non-vintage tops.
You show great photos at the website. Isn’t it a lot of work and are the models your friends?
Thank you. Indeed, it’s a lot of work to make the photos, but we really enjoy organizing the shoots. We like to inspire our clients by showing various ways of how to wear a piece. The models are often introduced to us by others. Besides that, we spot them on the streets. Also a great pastime!

Are you in touch with other vintage (online) shops and what is your favorite one?
No, I’m not directly in touch with other shops, but I certainly do have a favorite! The American shop Nasty Gal. Their collection is so desirable that I could buy everything!

What are your future plans?
We are updating our website, and hope to complete that before the end of this year. Furthermore we are busy with running our blog Driving a Delorean that we have started about two months ago. And of course we continue our search for unique vintage finds. My future dream is a special collection, developed by my sisters and me.

Talking about Driving a Delorean. Are you fans of Back to the Future?
Yes! We have been raised in the United States. Ever since we were children, we are mad about Back to the Future. The Delorean is so very cool and the car, that is also a time machine, perfectly fits our concept. To launch the blog we made a video. We had a lot of fun making it! Our blog is the perfect stage to share beautiful or funny stuff we stumble upon.

Thank you for this interview. One last question: “All I want for Christmas is?”
A custom-made Doortje neon sign above our entrance door.

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