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Kiboots: honest & unique

March 28, 2011

One of a kind are these Kiboots: handmade in Morocco by artisans combining vintage kilim rugs and organically tanned leather. Every boot is produced by authentic techniques, and no childlabour, sweatshops or chemicals are involved.

Originally, the first boots that combined kilims and leather were made back in the sixties, when hippies enjoyed the freedom of roadtripping around the North African country. Neither from a commercial or green point of view, but just out of saving cost, locals turned old kilim carpets and leather leftovers into boots. The Amsterdam-based founders of Kiboots discovered an old pair and started reproducing these boots by upgrading the quality, and handpicking the vintage carpets themselves.

Kiboots are available for both women and men and come with a round or more pointy ‘nose’. What makes the footwear extra unique (besides the characteristics that I already mentioned) is the fact that the Kiboots founders help the local Moroccan community by supporting schooling of craft trainees, and by initiating special projects. Another great example for the fashion industry of how production in developing countries can be and should be!

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