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Recession chair

November 5, 2011

Recession Chair by Tjep. (2011)

Almost 7 years ago, Dutch designer Frank ‘Tjep.’ Tjepkema designed the XXL Chair. An obese, fleshy design – made for the 100th anniversary of Arco. It was the translation of Tjep. of how objects should grow with the proportions of people as a result of Western consumerism.

Now, just after the Dutch Design Week 2011 has ended, Tjep. comes with a skinny follow-up: the Recession Chair, “the furniture you haven’t seen at Design Week”.  Tjep. explains his typical creature: “After visiting the Dutch Design Week two weeks ago, I was struck by how little the design world seems to react to the immanent economic crisis threatening Europe and the world. So here is a little something to make up for my esteemed colleagues.” For this design the Tjep. team took an Ikea chair and sanded it to its finest possible version. The skeleton like result isn’t functional at all, and most likely it wouldn’t hold a persons weight. “Much like a society plagued by recession.”

XXL chair by Tjep. for Arco (2005)

Recession Chair by Tjep. (2011)

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