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Spread the word: give & get a handmade necklace for Christmas

December 8, 2011

Fashion Loves People is the ethical fashion blog of Janette Crawford. Today she surprised me with an email about her refreshing initiative that will make all creative girls happy this Xmas: The Great Necklace Exchange of 2011.

The idea?
You sign up HERE to join the exhange and Janette will randomly assign a match. Matches are not two-way, so you’re not giving and receiving with the same person. To learn more about the style and taste of the person that receives your necklace you will get a blog link and/or the username of her Pinterest account.

And then?
You do your utmost best to make a special gift to decorate the neck of an utter stranger, and send it by post in time, so that it will arrive by Christmas. Even if you have no big talent for handmade jewelry (like me), you can join this ab fab fashion swap! Janette gives you already some inspiration on the flyer above.

And what about me?
Well, I love the idea and I also have this dusty box here with beads, buttons and chains and wire, still waiting to get touched by my hands. Time is really a rare good for me these days. So I need to sleep another night to rethink the idea (when my baby boy allows me) and to decide if I will join the exchange this year (as I assume that mentioning ‘of 2011’ means that there will be a 2012 edition too).

I hope you’ll sign up and will spread the word to promote this beautiful alternative for mass-produced Christmas gifts that also reminds us of the art of giving and receiving.

On Twitter and Pinterest, use #NecklaceExchange.



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  1. December 8, 2011 9:35 am

    Janette added this update to her post: “We are open to international sign-ups! But FYI, I’ll be drawing names among the international sign-ups separately from the U.S. sign-ups, so that U.S. residents can all get their necklaces by Christmas. Those of you from elsewhere will receive yours according to your respective shipping times.”


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