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A new chérie in town: Saint Germain opens its doors in Amsterdam

January 25, 2012

During the Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) – that has started today – a brand new concept store & creative agency is opening its doors on Friday 27th of January: Saint Germain. Part of the opening event are the exhibition LET THEM EAT CAKE, featuring two upcoming artists (fashion photographer Violette Hoogakker and designer Yvonne Kwok), and a shop-in-shop of fashionlabel Charlotte Kan.

Rory Teng is founder and owner of Saint Germain. I asked her some questions:

How did you came up with the idea for Saint Germain?
“Basically the idea for Saint Germain was born when my boyfriend took me there for our first of our many Paris trips. Saint Germain is inspired by the style and flair of Saint Germain des Pres in Paris: the people, the culture, the food, the architecture, the small cafes, the jazz, the opera and the fact that people do as they please and nobody tells them what to do.
Inspired by this way of living, I felt the need to challenge traditions and habits and push them forward to new ways and times. At Saint Germain, as a boutique and a creative agency we strive for a balance between old craft and modern design.
The Creative Collective of Saint Germain currently exists of four people, but will slowly expand, based on project and client needs. As the initiator of Saint Germain and skilled skin fashion and PR, I promote and represent the vision and mission, the soul of Saint Germain. Together with a strong team of individuals with each their own expertise in the fashion and art industry, we want to produce as many inspiring and fun projects, products and services, based on the needs of our customers and market demand.”

The term ‘conceptstore’ is very often used lately. Can you explain what your concept is really about?
Saint Germain is ambitious to recognize talent and push artists & creatives to pursue their professional career. In our gallery, emerging designers and artists get the chance to display their individual works. Our goal is to launch them in a unique way, giving them the right exposure by using our in-house marketing, PR and production skills. In the simplest of putting it; we think, create, connect and launch in order to offer ‘a wardrobe’ that fits perfectly. Whether that is redesigning a brand’s identity or creating it from the ground up, our approach is the same: create (visually) engaging solutions & events that will bring forward a fresh, aesthetic and memorable experience.”
Furthermore we are committed to bringing a fresh retail concept in the city. We work closely with other creatives and artists to develop projects that appeal to our like-minded friends and clients. In our work we wish to close the gap between fashion, art and commerce by creating a synergy between different working fields and visions, resulting in a unique service or product.”

What do you sell more next to the shop in shop collection of Charlotte Kan?
And Beyond, Julia Kaldy, Filles a Papa, Marcha Huskes, Niki Mens, Roparosa, Monday March, Led Object, Marloes Blaas, and more… After our official launch we will start with a segment for home interior.”

What can we expect from Saint Germain in the near future?
“More unique, eccentric and understated brands, every three months an awesome new exhibition of our Dutch finest and hopefully lots of fun and inspiring projects!”

Is the opening of Saint Germain ‘invitation only’?
“The opening is by invitation, although you can bring along friends and colleagues. We do ask people who are interested to visit our opening to RSVP by email. Thanks!”

Some of the things that Rory has told me still sound quite abstract as Saint Germain has not officially kicked off yet, but… to see is to believe. The way the new chérie in town is already presenting herself on the Saint Germain website and through the videos is very promising. Just like the selection of exciting designer labels that will be sold in the store.
Unfortunately Rory wasn’t able to give me preview of the shop interior. I can’t wait to see it on the opening!

AIFW Official Opening Saint Germain: Friday 27th of February 2012
Address: Oudezijds Armsteeg 28, Amsterdam
From 5pm – 9pm

Video credits
LET THEM EAT CAKE, directed by Steven Elbers
Concept, Production, Photography: Violette Hoogakker

Official Launch SAINT GERMAIN directed by Dennis Swiatkowski
Director: Dennis Swiatkowski
Production: Saint Germain
Concept: Saint Germain / Dennis Swiatkowski
Designer: Yvonne Kwok

Check Vimeo for the complete credits.

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