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Sjaak Hullekes launches his first perfume: 64

June 5, 2012

Dutch menswear designer Sjaak Hullekes has launched his first, limited, perfume last Friday. An event that I unfortunately missed, so that means I am writing about a fragrance I have not even smelled yet! Something I would normally never do, but I wouldn’t let the change go to share not only the news with you, but especially the beautiful campaign photography. For me the first photo shows the beauty of transience. Love it!

Androgyne fragrance
The name of the perfume – 64is based on the number of antique perfume bottles that were hit upon for this project. The 64 bottles released are numbered and packed in a 100% handmade packaging, manufactured in the Netherlands.
64 is a perfume to be worn by both men and women. According to the press release it changes, every single moment the different notes are developing itself to surprise the wearer every time again. The absence of chemicals in this perfume and the use of only raw materials makes it’s scent one to bring warmth and confidence. That sounds very promising!

The notes of 64
Top note: different citrus plants as like Bergamot, Lemons from Sicily and the Italian Néroli flower. These are accompanied by many different kinds of wood, like smoky wood. Rosebay and pepper are to create the texture for this top note.
Heart note: mystical spices and the melodious sweets of liquorice, while on the opposite the vetiver grass gives it’s heart a solid presence.
Base note: strong fragrances of tobacco leaves and comfort using a touch of Amber.

is the result of a collaboration between Sjaak Hullekes, parfumeur Barnabe Fillion and forecaster Borre Akkersdijk.
The perfume is available in the Sjaak Hullekes Arnhem based shop (Kerkstraat 34, Arnhem, the Netherlands) and can also be ordered online for € 139,- (30 ml pure 100% natural perfume).

Photography: Cats & Withoos

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