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Such a lovely launch

October 22, 2012

Boutique PR Agency Ganbaroo PRPR invited me to join a yummy Tuesday morning organic breakfast at De Weldaad in Amsterdam. De Weldaad is a charming shop that breaths international flea & antique markets, full of interior treasures, and was partly turned into a lovely decorated breakfast buffet area annex clothing closet to celebrate Ganbaroo latest addition to their portfolio of lifestyle and fashion brands: by Ti Mo. This Norwegian label is available at about 80 points of sale in The Netherlands. It was founded by designer Tine Mollat.

Mollatt grew up amongst, and in between theatre stages and old houses, new places. Four years old in the ballet studio, ten years old on stage at the theatre, seventeen years old sewing costumes for the opera. Her background is noticeable in her design signature that shows elements of tailoring, theatrical and fairy-tale vintage vibes. Perfect for modern bohos to combine with stout stuff.

When I heard about Tine’s values and her holistic approach of working and running a fashion company, I got more enthusiastic about her designs. For Tine truthfulness and honesty are also guiding beacons. She does not believe in exploitation of any kind to reach her goals. Not towards the people involved on the way, nor towards the animals that provide materials or towards Mother Earth. She believes in sustainability on all levels. She believes the time of mass consumption is soon to be past. She believes in high quality clothing that’s long lasting. She believes there is a right way to approach the calculation of costs, without cutting any corners. She believes in the value that lies within the garment and she believes in the masterful skill that lies in tailoring. (Yeah, I copied this last part from the company’s website, couldn’t write it better.)
Anyhow: ovation for Tine!
Although I think that this approach should be common for everybody working in whatever industry.

Heartwarming is Love Child, the new collection of childrens wear for girls aged 2-10 years. For mommy’s mini me as the girls wear shows copies of the adult line. by Ti Mo will donate all excess profits from Love Child to contribute to, and initiate valuable projects concerning children.

Launch by Timo (spring/summer 2013) at De Weldaad: © de fotomeisjes

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  1. October 22, 2012 11:59 am

    love this

  2. October 23, 2012 2:11 pm

    Good to hear you liked our food 😉 thanks!

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