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New work: a book!

November 1, 2012

Fidessa and I signing our book deal in July

Lately I am working a lot ‘behind the scenes’. I write (seasonal) press releases on new collections, brochure & website copy for exciting new companies, and some months ago I was even a ‘ghost writer’ when I wrote a foreword in a leading magazine that was signed by somebody else. I love this kind of anonymous writing.

Of course it’s also great when an article for a broader audience appears with my name mentioned. Like the examples below of recent publications in Pour Vous magazine: a background story on fashion houses behind famous fragrances. This time I wrote about Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf and the Italian leather house Bottega Veneta. In the same issue also my feature on beauty bloggers appeared.

But there is something that is even BIGGER and VERY EXCITING to mention here: a new book!
Currently I’m writing a book with my dear and very talented friend Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen. This book is not a fashion book, however it’s a lifestyle book, but in another way followers of Kiki’s Collage would probably expect from me.

It will appear 1st of May 2013 by BBNC Publishers. First in Dutch only, but of course we go for international success!
I keep you guys posted on this.

Viktor & Rolf, the house and is fragrances in Pour Vous magazine (autumn 2012)

Bottega Veneta, the house and the perfume in Pour Vous magazine (autumn 2012)

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