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Berlin design darlings: STUDIENMATERIAL

January 10, 2013

Via Etsy I got in touch with the kind Anastasia Klering of Berlin design collective STUDIENMATERIAL. I stumbled upon their fabulous agenda for 2013 full of lovely drawings. Love it so much! And lucky me, some days later I found a sweet surprise in my postbox! My all time favorite Moleskine planner has become unemployed now I have the STUDIENMATERIAL agenda. The days are in German language, and in agenda terms that’s easy to read. Some pages contain an inspiring quote in English. How cool!

“The idea of STUDIENMATERIAL Project fits the philosophy of online marketplaces like Etsy or German sister site Dawanda: to create small things we love and sell them to people who admire them too. We have designed our STUDIENMATERIAL Planner for the third year now,” tells Anastasia in her email.

The team of STUDIENMATERIAL, which stands for ‘study material’ in German, exists of five Berlin based girlfriends who all have  Russian roots and a passion for drawing. Rita, Anna, Victoria and Anastasia met at art school Berlin-Weissensee. Anna and Anastasia are sisters, so they know each quite a while longer. And later Eugenia joined. The team members all have their own creative jobs, from fashion to costume to 3D designer and some of them have children as well. Anastasia writes that the girls have plenty of ideas, but not the time to make them all come true. That’s also the reason why they still have not released a STUDIENMATERIAL website yet.

Anastasia: “Imagine that I studied Textile Design, because I did not want to work only on a computer. The reality now is that I design websites for others, which I like, but I do have a computer in front of me all day long. I truly love to draw, embroider and to make little dolls and stuff like that. Me and the other girls all try to find a way to make more non-commissioned work, like our Planner. It really motivates us that we got a lot of positive feedback from allover the world, since we are selling our work at Etsy and Dawanda. Yes, it’s time to start with our next collective project. I keep you posted!”

Thank you, Anastasia! Good luck with balancing between your career and motherhood.
Shake hands on that!

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