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Leg-inc: better than pants

April 26, 2013

Saskia Schipper (left) and Marleen Albers van der Linden at their Amsterdam studio

Recently I visited Marleen Albers van der Linden and Saskia Schipper of Leg-inc in their Amsterdam studio. Better than pants is the slogan of their brand. A phrase that fits their designs perfectly!

The ‘leggings’ (Marleen and Saskia prefer to say Leg-incs or pants) fit as beautiful as trousers with the perfect shape. Long legs for a looser fit and no high water effect and made of double-stretch material, so no ugly flubbing knees. The pants are high waisted and that prevents us for visible love handles under tight dresses. Besides the great fitting, Leg-inc is also known for its crazy prints and luxury materials. Whenever I wear their pants with peacock eyes, positive comments is all I get!

Leg-inc designs are available via their website, but you can also make an appointment for a private fitting at the studio. Marleen and Saskia, who started their company one year ago, also organize sale parties at people’s homes, just like the Tupperware parties. The host of the party receives a pair of Leg-inc by choice. When desired the designers also produce tailor-made. “Sometimes somebody has wider ankles or a bigger behind, but a small waist. That’s no problem for us. A perfect fit should be available for every unique shape!”

Leg-inc 3

“We only chose beautiful materials of exclusive qualities. Materials that last for ages and that are sustainable because of that. For that reason we started our kids leggings, in the beginning made of rest materials only. You can also find a lot of Barbie dolls and toys in mini Leg-incs around us! What our future plans are? Well, we love to be available international. Currently we are working on a new website. Another goal is to design our own patterns and materials.”

leg-inc 1

Leg-inc is available for women, kids and men in all possible sizes and countless materials and colors.
Please, visit  or follow the brand at Facebook to stay up-to-date.

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