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Anecdote settled into the Nine Streets

October 30, 2013

The Nine Streets is a popular shopping area in the heart of Amsterdam. A must-go district for lovers of small independent boutiques, specialty shops and hip lunch spots. Most of the tiny streets have names of animals, like the Wolvenstraat, meaning ‘Street of Wolfs’. It’s exactly that street where I first met the love of my life. Some things I’ll never forget..
In that same petite area, in a former garage, Dutch fashion brand Anecdote recently opened the doors of its first brand store. Together with stylist Stella Willing the Anecdote team has transformed the dull space into a lovely and light shop. A shop that breaths the freshness and softness of Anecdote as a contemporary label for women.

Anecdote’s founder is Jet van Beuningen. She has started her own fashion brand 4.5 years ago.
A dream came true!
Well, tell me Jet..
* What are your favorite addresses in the 9 Streets area?
“For unique and beautiful books I visit Mendo (Berenstraat 11) and I like to drink a coffee at Relax at Home (Huidenstraat 19). It’s a client of us, they sell various women’s brands next to Anecdote. For flowers I visit Gerda’s  (Runstraat 16). And, I visit the newly opened supermarket Marqt at the Wolvenstraat (#32) for conscious grocery shopping.”

* Talking on consciousness. How sustainable is Anecdote?
The clothes of Anecdote are produced in factories that answer strict codes. Next to that we use natural materials in our designs.”

* What is your favorite from the autumn/winter collection 2013?
“The patterned Jessica sweater in Deep Night Blue.”
Lucky bastard as I am, Anecdote send me a gift bag with a stunning Wolf print T-shirt.
How I love to be spoiled!

Visiting Amsterdam? Don’t miss Anecdote at the Nine Streets!

Address: Wolvenstraat 15.

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  1. Hans Willems permalink
    November 4, 2013 3:28 pm

    i’ll follow your advise with my friends, always looking for something new and trustable.

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