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Current status: happy

May 2, 2016


Well, it has been a loooong time. This blog/portfolio is still online, but a bit out of date. In the meantime I gave birth to my second son (he is so sweet and gorgeous and 7,5 months now), but next to being pregnant and mothering, I also did some great other things!
Together with my dear partner in light, Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen (right on the photo), I wrote 4 books in less than 3 years! Our most recent title is called Slaapyoga and based on the traditional Yoga Nidra relaxation method. We made an easier 10 minute version of it, approachable for everybody.

Fidessa and I also give workshops in line with the subjects of the books. The red thread of our work, and the goal of our company Lightstyle Creations, is: inspiring and motivating people to get more life out of their life. How? By choosing a conscious way of living that is all about inner-care. An important tool to take care of your deeper you is meditation. Your ego shrinks, your mind becomes calmer, your head feels fresh. The result: less stress, more body-conscious, better sleep, more moments of bliss, better focus, more creativity, and so on. Taking care of your inner-world makes you automatically more aware of your surroundings. When you are calm from the inside, your approach of the outside world and your actions become more and more conscious, or call it mindful. You connect easily with everything that has a positive effect on your state of being and become more sensitive for vibes, situations or persons that don’t (longer) fit in your way of living and loving. Want to learn more about Lightstyle Creations? Check the website, agenda and shop! Unfortunately the books are not yet available in English. Not yet…

Next to Lightstyle Creations I am still doing some editorial work for magazines like Gentlemen’s Watch and teaching at Artemis Styling Academy.

This blog/website will only be updated once or twice a year. So better follow Fidessa and me at Instagram!

Happiness is always around you.
Recognize it, hug it!

Light and love,


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