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Clever cycle

March 3, 2014

Amsterdam is the capital of bicycles. I can’t imagine a life here without having my bike, however I often feel sorry for the poor tourists who walk in slow motion to the opposite of the road, but then got scared to death by a loud ringing mad man (or woman) on a bike. Welcome to Amsterdam!

Bikes pop up in many sizes and types at the streets of Amsterdam. We transport everything we want on our cycles: from dogs to girlfriends to kids. Besides that, Amsterdam people are multitasking cyclists. They press their feet on the pedals, listen to music on ridiculous big headphones and… they are Facebooking or Whapping at the same moment (of course they also use their telephones to call on their bikes, easily!). Yes, cycling in Amsterdam is quite phenomenal.

Minute bike woman
New is this cute city bike, the Minute (pronounced the French way). This mini commuter – a small bike for great minds, as the press release calls it – has remarkable small wheels. It is inspired by the Mini Velo, immensely popular in Asia.

Minute is the brainchild of Elian Veltman, a young, talented yet very experienced engineer, especially known for his handmade custom bikes and acclaimed Cargo bike. The small wheels of Minute are a deliberate choice. Small wheels are stronger, lighter and more agile. And when it comes to speed, small wheels are not inferior to big wheels. Quite the contrary, many bicycle speed records have been achieved on small wheels.
Oh my! Those poor tourists!

Minute comes in a men’s and women’s edition and will be sold in the course of 2014. The first hundred bicycles are offered in pre-sale as a limited edition, uniquely numbered and finished with stainless steel fenders and a Brooks saddle via At the website you can choose a number and reserve your Minute by making a down payment of 100 euros.
Read more…

Fantastic animals #5

February 28, 2014

© Dan Burn – Forti

Picture 9

© Dan Burn – Forti

Picture 11

© Dan Burn – Forti

Picture 10

© Dan Burn – Forti

No words needed for this fantastic animal photography by Dan Burn - Forti. 
See more of his work by clicking on the photos.

PS: I’ve been pretty silent on the blog lately. The reason: a new book! A book about choosing happy, healthy alternatives for refined sugar, it contains more than 50 ‘sugarless’ recipes, and much more. Written together with Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen (we are running our company Lightstyle Creations together). ‘Zoete Zin’ (simply translated: ‘Craving for Sweetness) will be released in April 2014. It’s in Dutch only, sorry international folks. Please, be patient, one day you’ll find the translation at Amazon, I’m convinced (thinking positive is my motto). Dutchies, you can already order the book HERE.


Fashion photography flashback

January 21, 2014
Gian Paolo Barbieri - Lilly Bistrattin per Pomellato, Vogue Italia 1971 - Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Gian Paolo Barbieri – Lilly Bistrattin per Pomellato, Vogue Italia 1971 – Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Arte e Eleganza is the name of the current exhibition of fashion photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri at Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam. Opened at the eve of now running Amsterdam Fashion Week, it shows a selection of fashion photography classics by the Italian photographer. With portraits of icons like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci.

Gian Paolo Barbieri has a sublime aesthetic taste and is a master of black and white photography. In 1965 he joined Italian Vogue and produced the cover of its first issue. His work for the Italian, French and American editions of Vogue led on to publicity work with big name fashion designers Valentino, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Ferré, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

Gian Paolo Barbieri - Ivana Bastianello per Valentino - 1969- Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Gian Paolo Barbieri – Ivana Bastianello per Valentino – 1969- Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Barbieri is considered one of the best international fashion photographers in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Working in close collaboration with fashion designer Valentino he was responsible for innovations in modern fashion advertising campaigns.

Gian Paolo Barbieri - Audrey Hepburn - 1969 - Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Gian Paolo Barbieri – Audrey Hepburn – 1969 – Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Gian Paolo Barbieri - Lilly Bistrattin, Sperimentazioni 1975 - Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

Gian Paolo Barbieri – Lilly Bistrattin, Sperimentazioni 1975 – Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

An exhibition of Barbieri’s work was curated by the English fashion photographer David Bailey, shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Kunstforum in Vienna. His work is also exhibited in galleries and at arts festivals. Now it’s the time for Amsterdam!
You can see Barbieri’s fashion photography until March 8, 2014.

Eduard Planting Gallery | Fine Art Photographs
Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2 in Amsterdam

Magical sleeping by Snurk

December 22, 2013

Snurk means ‘snore’ in Dutch. Its the name of a brilliant bedding brand. Snurk, based in Amsterdam, got worldwide media attention by its Le Clochard duvet cover. The print of the duvet cover is a photo of a carton box. The project was set up to support homeless youngsters.

After that many great photographic designs on soft cotton material followed, like the Astronaut and Princess for little and big kids. Great is to see the many fans of Snurk on Facebook HERE proudly posing under their Snurk duvet cover.

astronaut snurk
princess snurk
Recently Snurk launched its newest prints: Pool, Monogami and Butterfly. I am curious to the dreams I will have when sleeping under such exciting duvet covers.

PS: Snurk is produced in an honest way in a small factory in Portugal.

Ace & Tate: Dutch glory glasses

November 28, 2013

Ace & Tate
is a growing brand that designs and produces glasses. Optical glasses and sunglasses.
Designed in Amsterdam, manufactured in Italy and finished back in Amsterdam.
Named after cellulose acetate from which a majority of the frames are currently formed.
Picture 9A brand to be proud of. As Ace & Tate understands the golden combination of craftsmanship, honesty and charity. That means that Ace & Tate sells spectaculars of great quality for a affordable price, made in honest circumstances with sustainable materials, and that they also do good for people in less good conditions. From every sold pair of glasses Ace & Tates donates an amount to Sightsavers that provides people in need with access to eye care.

I am happy I am growing older.
As wisdom comes every new day,
they say.
One day my eyes need optical glasses.
I know already what brand to buy.

Ace & Tate is only shipping to The Netherlands and the UK at the moment. But… the brand is expanding rapidly and will add Germany to the country list soon. More countries will follow.
Can’t wait? Just visit Amsterdam!

Addition 11/12/13: Hot off the press! Ace & Tate has just launched their Bio Collection! 
Their 'Black is the New Green designs are made of 100% biodegradable acetate and 70% 
of their compounds are made from natural sources. Read and see more HERE.

TOMS X Tabitha Simmons

November 18, 2013

TOMS_Tabitha Simmons
I am a bit late with this blog post, however I really want to share these pictures with you!

TOMS+, the premium range of TOMS, has its first designer collaboration in da pocket. The great Tabitha Simmons, British shoe guru and stylist, designed a collection of 10 pretty styles. Simmons’ designs show her signature cricket stripes, but also Swiss dots and a lot of silk. I love the wedges!
It’s the first time that Simmons designed for tiny feet as well. Look how cute these babies are!

cricket stripe toms
To learn more about the collaboration of Tabitha Simmons and TOMS check out this video.

Anecdote settled into the Nine Streets

October 30, 2013

The Nine Streets is a popular shopping area in the heart of Amsterdam. A must-go district for lovers of small independent boutiques, specialty shops and hip lunch spots. Most of the tiny streets have names of animals, like the Wolvenstraat, meaning ‘Street of Wolfs’. It’s exactly that street where I first met the love of my life. Some things I’ll never forget..
In that same petite area, in a former garage, Dutch fashion brand Anecdote recently opened the doors of its first brand store. Together with stylist Stella Willing the Anecdote team has transformed the dull space into a lovely and light shop. A shop that breaths the freshness and softness of Anecdote as a contemporary label for women.

Anecdote’s founder is Jet van Beuningen. She has started her own fashion brand 4.5 years ago.
A dream came true!
Well, tell me Jet..
* What are your favorite addresses in the 9 Streets area?
“For unique and beautiful books I visit Mendo (Berenstraat 11) and I like to drink a coffee at Relax at Home (Huidenstraat 19). It’s a client of us, they sell various women’s brands next to Anecdote. For flowers I visit Gerda’s  (Runstraat 16). And, I visit the newly opened supermarket Marqt at the Wolvenstraat (#32) for conscious grocery shopping.”

* Talking on consciousness. How sustainable is Anecdote?
The clothes of Anecdote are produced in factories that answer strict codes. Next to that we use natural materials in our designs.”

* What is your favorite from the autumn/winter collection 2013?
“The patterned Jessica sweater in Deep Night Blue.”
Lucky bastard as I am, Anecdote send me a gift bag with a stunning Wolf print T-shirt.
How I love to be spoiled!

Visiting Amsterdam? Don’t miss Anecdote at the Nine Streets!

Address: Wolvenstraat 15.